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Safety Switch Failures

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An electric system is a hazardous infrastructure. It is the transference of heat through wire and needs to be appropriately set up and managed to prevent deadly fires and huge property damage. Insulation is an important safety aspect of electrical systems, but so is earthing, fuses, and circuit breakers. 

Fuses and circuit breakers are responsible for maintaining the correct flow of electricity in a system. If there is a fault somewhere in the system, such as a loose wire or a sudden surge of electricity from somewhere, the fuses and circuit breakers do their job by blowing out or switching off. While inconvenient at times, this prevents fires. 

The failure of a safety switch, such as circuit breaker, could be disastrous for your property. If the switch is faulty, you will not realise the system is under pressure. You will continue to use the electricity as normal unaware of any problem. That is why your switch needs to be regularly checked and replaced if necessary. 

Bayside Electricians Carda Electrics are qualified to check these switches and circuit breakers for you to ensure that you are not living in an unsafe space or running the risk of a fire in your commercial property. Contact Carda Electrics for advice or to book a check-up.

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