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Testing & Tagging

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Testing and tagging refer to the practice of surveying the electrical equipment in your commercial facility and registering its level of functionality. It is not required by law to do this testing, but it can contribute to a safe and efficient working environment. The testing can be carried out by anyone trained to do so, but only qualified professionals can repair the equipment if damaged. 

In your commercial facility, you will run many electrical items. There will be PCs, vending machines, kitchen appliances, mainframes, and switchboards. The failure of electrical equipment is inevitable over time and can be costly to a company in terms of productivity and reputation. Routine testing and tagging is one way to avoid a system’s collapse. 

It’s worth noting, however, that testing a tagging is only relevant at the time the assessment is carried out and failures may still occur following an assessment. But it does provide you with a snapshot of the quality and standard of an electrical appliance at the time of testing. 

Some companies like to train an in-house member of staff to test and tag the company’s equipment, but since they cannot also repair the appliances, it leaves a problem. For a complete solution, use an electrical contractor such as Bayside Electricians Carda Electrics for your test and tagging, and repairs.

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