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Emergency Lighting

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Emergency lighting is essential in all commercial buildings and is regulated by the authorities. Within a commercial premise, there must be clear signage to display all safe exit routes in the case of a fire or other emergency. Some of this emergency lighting will be functional 24/7, but that is not always the case. Various types of emergency lighting exist which your electrical contractor can help you decide on. 

Depending on the facility and the room size, you may or may not require emergency lighting. A large room, for instance, may only need an emergency door, while other places, such as stairwells, will require emergency lighting of 2 lux minimum. 

In general, emergency lighting is wired into the main grid and continually charged. Emergency lighting also has back up batteries and power cells capable of operating for three hours independent of the mains grid. Emergency lighting includes maintained lighting, non-maintained lighting, combined emergency lights, and non-maintained emergency lights. 

For a full assessment of your premises and advice on what type of light should be installed for safety and compliance, contact Bayside electricians Carda Electrics, your specialist electrical contractor. We will explain the type of lights that would be best suited to your commercial facility, supply and install the lights with minimum inconvenience.

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