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Switchboard Labelling

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On-site electrical inspections should be a non-event. You would expect routine inspections to be enough to ensure the optimal functionality of your electrical systems. And they may function relatively well, but the introduction of tighter regulations and higher penalties means that companies need to be above reproach when it comes to compliance. 

One way to guard against violations and ensure workers safety is by maintaining a system of properly applied labels. Companies must be prepared for inspections at any time. These inspections will not only test the quality and viability of the equipment but also how well organised and maintained it is. That is why proper labelling is important. 

It’s also necessary for the proper and efficient maintenance of equipment when needed. Often people assume that each room has a dedicated circuit in the switchboard, but often the circuits are connected to multiple appliances around the building to ensure the system is not overloaded. This can lead to confusion if not appropriately labelled. 

Bayside Electricians Carda Electrics will assess and maintain your electric system regularly and ensure that all circuits in the switchboard are organised and labelled correctly. Impress the inspectors when they come around instead of forking out a penalty. 

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