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3 Phase Power Solutions

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Today a 3 Phase Power Solution is standard practice in most commercial areas. It proves to be the most efficient means of producing and distributing electricity for the needs of the business. The technology is used in large data centres to support the high density IT usage while simultaneously reducing the cost of cabling. 

In the early days of this new server technology, the difficulty was load balancing. How to divide the power evenly across the three branches of the rack so you could draw roughly similar current on each rack. Now, the technology has advanced further and offers 3 Phase PDUs with Alternating Phase. This means power can be phased on a per-outlet basis instead of a per-branch basis. 

The benefits of 3 Phase Power Solutions include, simplifies cable management, better airflow, less heat meaning reduced cooling costs, and a simplified load balance for greater efficiency. If you run a large contact centre or data centre and are not running Phase 3, you are operating behind the times. 

Bayside Electricians Carda Electrics has the knowledge, training, and supplies to install such a system and maintain it for optimal performance. Consider contracting with Carda Electrics for your large scale commercial infrastructure – you won’t be disappointed.

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