Electrical emergencies can include blackouts and power outages, electrical fires and appliance or safety switch failure.

When these scary situations occur, it can be difficult to know who to call. This is especially the case if the emergency occurs at night or in the middle of a storm.

This is where emergency electricians step in – responding quickly to electrical emergencies to keep you and your family safe.

What do emergency electricians do?

Emergency electricians can come to your home or businesses on short notice, to attend to and make safe any electrical issue or problem that has occurred. 

They focus on ensuring that any risks associated with unexpected electrical problems are resolved quickly. They can also assess and make safe situations that are dangerous. 

What should I do in an electrical emergency?

If there is an electrical emergency at your home, it is important to think clearly and take steps to keep each and every member of your household safe.

If possible, you should also turn off the power at the mains. If there is a fire, you need to call 000 and have emergency services attend.

If an electrical emergency has occurred, you might not know if you should call the electricity provider or an electrician.

Electrical emergencies should always be handled by a professional. Emergency electricians are experienced and trained to handle electrical emergencies. They can respond to complex and risky situations. 

Here at Carda Electrics, we can send a member of our team of expert electricians to St Kilda and all surrounding suburbs. No matter what time of the day or night, we have a qualified emergency electrician no more than a call away when you need us most.

When do I call an emergency electrician?

You should always call an emergency electrician if you sense worrying signs.

We highly recommend calling an emergency electrician if:

  • You notice a burning smell from or near any electrical appliances, equipment or wires.
  • There has been flood or storm damage that has impacted electrical appliances (It’s clearly an electrical emergency if there are exposed live wires visible as the result of an accident or renovation).
  • You have unexplained power outages.
  • Your smoke alarm is faulty.
  • Your electrical safety switch won’t reset and you can’t identify a cause.

Anything like this happens, call an emergency electrician straight away.

When NOT to call an emergency electrician

There is no need to call an emergency electrician during a planned outage, or if there is a blackout across your electricity distribution network. Power outages and routine electrical work often occur across residential suburbs. You can search for current blackouts by identifying your provider from this map.

If you notice fallen powerlines, do not contact an emergency electrician. Try the relevant energy supply company, as well as the police.

However, if you’re not sure if your situation constitutes an emergency, just give us a ring and tell us about what you can see, smell and hear.

We will help you to determine if a visit by an emergency electrician is necessary or warranted. Because when it comes to electricity, it is much better to be safe than sorry.

Where to find an emergency electrician

Many, but not all, local electricians provide an emergency service. If you’re in need of an emergency electrician in St Kilda, you will not want to waste time.

No need to spend endless hours researching who to contact, searching the internet for numbers, reading reviews or looking at what electrical services are available in the area.

Carda Electrics can send you an emergency electrician in the St Kilda area at any time of the night or day. We also service Brighton, Caulfield, Elsternwick, Mordialloc.

Our team of emergency elections is on standby to respond to an emergency situation. We have a rapid response service and will attend promptly to ensure any risks are identified, contained and resolved to ensure you and your family are kept safe.

The team at Carda Electrics has extensive industry experience and we are used to working on site at both commercial and residential properties. Our team is loaded with fully qualified, insured and licensed electricians.

Keep our number handy and call us right away should an electrical emergency occur.