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Electrical Fires

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Electrical fires are one of the main causes of devastating commercial and domestic fires resulting in massive financial losses. The unfortunate reality is that these electrical fires are often preventable with correct wiring and circuit breakers, along with some best practice solutions. 

Electricity flows like water, but it doesn’t evaporate or disappear down drains. Quite the opposite. If your wiring is faulty or you have fuses that are too strong, you may be at risk of an electrical fire. The fault in the system can cause the electricity to build up in weak areas and overload the wires. Sparks may appear at sockets.  

Carda Electrics, your electrical service provider, will test your electrical system, take care of any maintenance, and sign it off as safe to use. We will also inform you of the best practices for maintaining your system and avoiding electrical fires. Don’t take chances with the electrics in your property; ensure they have the most adequate safety features. 

Bayside Electricians Carda Electrics can help you prevent electrical fires by checking your system is modern and compliant with regulatory standards. If your property is old, it will be updated with the latest wiring and circuit breakers to prevent costly disasters.

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