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As properties age, the electrical systems, circuits, and wiring may need to be updated to improve performance, enhance safety, or to be compliant with new commercial regulations. In addition, the use of the property may change over time, meaning that electrical systems need to be optimised for efficiency. This is what is meant by alterations, additions, and repairs. 

In the case, if a circuit alteration circuits are added to the existing electrical system or extended based on usage or regulations. This could mean adding sockets to the system, replacing or adding electrical boards and/or switching equipment. However, a circuit addition refers to a modification of existing installations, turning them into new systems. 

To be compliant with modern building regulations, you must ensure your property is running the most up-to-date electrical systems; this is especially important for commercial properties that employ staff. If you are unsure of your electrical obligations in referee to electrical circuitry, contact your local authority, or a qualified electric company such as Bayside Electricians Carda Electrics. 

Carda electrics offer access to knowledgeable and qualified professional electricians with years of industry experience. We can advise you on the present regulations as well as the requirements for your building based on usage. Get in touch for an up-to-date review of your building.

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