When it comes to electrical work, sometimes people can be tempted to cut corners, attracted to the slightly lower prices of someone who is unlicensed. It may be they have a good technical spiel and convince you that they are just as qualified as someone who is licensed, yet the reality is that this can be far from the truth. By using an unlicensed electrician you can find not only is the work done likely to be shoddy and more prone to going wrong further down the line, but it can also put you, your family, and any tradesmen who work on the property going forward at risk. No cutting of costs is worth compromising safety, and it can also void your insurance in the future. No matter where you are based, whether you are looking for an electrician in Brighton or surrounding areas, it is a legal requirement that you must get before any work is done.

What work would I need a licensed electrician for?

There are many things you would need a licensed electrician for, even though you might see some aspects as small and that you or someone you know could do without a professional. Work includes installing a new circuit or electrical switch board, a full or partial rewire of your electrics and a full new electrical installation in your home.

Why do I need a licensed electrician?

When you want electrical work done to your home that requires touching elements such as the wiring, switch board and electrical circuits, it is crucial that it complies with building regulations. This is known as Part P and is in place so that the government can regulate that properties are built and altered to a satisfactorily safe standard.

An unlicensed electrician could conduct work without certifying the electrical work and therefore puts your building at risk. They would be giving you an uncertified installation which can cause issues to you in the short term if it goes wrong, when trying to get or renew insurance, or when it comes to you selling the property.

Unlicensed electricians don’t always do a bad job; however, they won’t be able to present you with the correct lawful paperwork, which is a Certificate of Electrical Safety. Asking for this is one of the easiest ways to identify a trusted electrician. If you don’t have a Certificate of Electrical Safety when it comes to you moving house, you could find this significantly delays things and could even cause the sale to collapse. The buyer’s solicitor will need to see the certificate to verify the house is safe and compliant and if you don’t have it may be required to pay for an electrical-inspection condition report to say that the work is safe (although this isn’t the same as an installation certificate). You could also incur costs for additional buildings indemnity insurance which can be costly and cause delays.

When you are looking for a registered electrician, they will be registered under Energy Safe Victoria. This is the governing body that all REC (Registered Electrical Contractors) are recognised by. Licensed electricians will be able to self-certify their work as safe and will carry out all the mandatory tests required at each stage of the building work.