When working with electricity it is incredibly important to consider safety. Electrical inspections are extremely important in both a commercial and residential setting; and experts will ensure that all wiring and appliances are in working order to avoid breaching safety regulations or accidents. It is important to inspect electrical work whether it’s old, new or is being upgraded. Today we will discuss the common issues surrounding wiring for a new home, an existing property, and a renovation. 

Building – What To Inspect

When wiring for a building project, there are a lot of things to consider. There are a lot of regulations to take into account with a new building project and this will largely dictate what can be done in the home. There are a lot of common issues that can arise during a building project such as sags and dips in your power, surges of electricity, and lights becoming too bright or too dim. If wiring is not done properly in the home during the building stage, it can bring a whole host of issues for the homeowner later on.

Smaller issues such as light switches wired the wrong way can be easily fixed; however extreme issues such as electrical overload could take your whole system out of commission and cause a huge headache. Electrical Inspection during a building project is essential to ensure you avoid these problems down the line. 

Buying An Existing Property

The most common situation homeowners will face is buying an existing property. Existing properties can be an issue for several reasons and one of these is age. When buying an existing home you will often find small issues with the wiring and faults in terms of regulations simply because regulations change over time.

If a house was built in the 60’s and the electrics haven’t been changed since then; it is likely that the wiring system will not meet today’s standards. This is where an electrical inspection needs to be completed to ensure that your existing home meets modern day capability. 

Renovating A Room

If you are looking to renovate your home, it is important to plan out any new wiring you plan to add to the space. If you are adding a whole new room to the house you’ll need to rewire the whole system to accommodate for an extra room. If you are planning to move or add more plug sockets and light switches, you may need to rework an existing room for this capability.

It is important to consider that there is a sense of danger to rewiring your home during renovation such as electrical shocks or sags and surges in the system. Old wiring in particular can easily overload and this is something to consider if renovating an older home. It is a good idea if you can, to bring in the professionals for rewiring works and have an inspection done once the work is completed to ensure it complies with regulations. 

Whether you’re buying, building or renovating – it saves time & money to get an expert electrical inspection. A Brighton electrician is qualified, professional, and will give you the best advice to suit your current project. Contact Carda Electrics today.