10 Electrical Tips For New Builds

Understand Your Lighting Needs

Let’s say you’ve got a room in your new build home that’s perfect for a home office – at least it would be if the lights you had installed were brighter, as it is, you have to bring in lamps to support the soft lighting. Of course, you could have it changed, but there’s been so much upheaval already, getting your new house organised, you just wish you had thought of it before and had some extra bright LED ones put in. Understanding the purpose of a room before you install electrics eliminates this frustration and others later on.

Consider Mixed Lighting

In traditional houses, there is usually one form of lighting – that’s ceiling lighting. It can be warm or cold, and more modern homes have a dimmer switch, but basically, your options are limited. Now imagine a house with a variety of lighting options for different moods, gatherings, and situations. You could have low-level warm lighting for the evenings when you’re relaxing in front of Netflix, and bright cold light from above if you have a gathering or celebration. Consult with an electrician in Brighton before making any final decisions.

Make Sure You’re On Trend

Trends come and go as quickly as lights are turned on and off – that’s why it’s important to identify a lasting trend and not one that will sate easily. A few years ago, it was popular to put lights in places that didn’t really require them for aesthetic reasons. While some people might still like this, it’s a style that has quickly dated in favour of purposeful lighting. When people visit your home, they might wonder why you have unnecessary lighting, or recognise it as a trend from a few years ago. If you consult with a professional electrician, they can best advise on what trends will stand the test of time.

Automate Your Lighting

In the garage, you have a freezer, and in the freezer, you store all kinds of treats. During a gathering with friends, you need some more of these treats. It’s easy-going into the garage, you pull the string, and the light goes on. However, coming back with your arms full of bottles that could easily smash on the floor, it’s not so easy to put the light off. In that case, you might just leave it running, which is inefficient, and a fire hazard. For these reasons, and more, automatic lighting is ever more popular in new build homes.

PowerPoint Placement

It’s intuitive to put your unsightly powerpoints where no one can see them, inside cabinets and behind sideboards. While this made sense and was best practice in the past these days, there are other considerations. What if you want to use a laptop at the dining table, or conveniently charge a smartphone on the counter while cooking? For these reasons, it’s best to position some powerpoints in visible practical places and more discreet ones.

What Switches Are Best?

Something few people consider when arranging the electrics in their new build home is the switches they use for the lighting. This often leads to standard switches being installed, which are provide basic functionality without any bell and whistles. But switches have come a long way has technology advances, and now there is more variety to choose from. For example, the Zen range comes in matt black and white and allows you to change the buttons to identify the switch easily, don’t waste time and reduce your stress levels by identifying the switch you need right away.

Install A Central Vacuum System

We’ve all been there, attempting to vacuum a room, and the cord doesn’t reach. You either need to find a different powerpoint or use an extension, all of which takes time and can be inconvenient. Furthermore, if you have a pet, such as a furry dog, you will have to vac up pet hair regularly or risk developing breathing issues. You can ensure your home is well-equipped to handle any vacuum issues by installing a central vacuum system. It needs to be installed before the walls are plastered, so make sure you think ahead.

Consider Control Panels

The internet of things is on its way and is likely to revolutionize the home. The internet of things means all your home appliances will be integrated and operated using cloud computing. We’re not quite there yet, but new steps are being taken all the time. Don’t get left behind; check that you’re installing the latest control panels and that they serve your home functionally and discreetly. You want the best control panel for your heating, lighting, and cooling needs, but you don’t want them to be intrusive.

Wire Your New Build Wisely

Often the electrical infrastructure of your new build home gets overlooked in favour of other priorities. Building a new home can be expensive, and it’s tempting to choose the most basic wiring to make your budget stretch further. It might seem like a good idea in the short term, but when it comes to installing those dream features, such as an integrated sound system, theatre room, or pendant light, it may not be possible due to your wiring. Think ahead and wire in options during the build so that you don’t miss out later on.

Walk-through Your Planning

Building a house isn’t like ordering fast-food at a restaurant. You can’t cover everything at the planning stage and expect it to all work out perfectly. Your new build home is a project, and for the best results, you need to work on it creatively over the long-term. It’s advisable to hold off on planning the electrics until the house’s frame is built, and you can walk through the shell. In doing this, you get a better idea of how each room feels, what each room will get used for, and what electrical requirements you will need. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘best-laid plans,’ which is never more relevant than designing your perfect home.